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De-personalizing Staging Tips


The First Step To Detaching From Your Home

De-personalizing Staging Tips

There are important factors to consider when staging your home and having an understanding of the importance of de-personalizing is important. Here are a few tips to consider when de-personalizing your home.

Make sure you remove personal photos and put up personal valuable items. It is important to understand the concept that you want home buyers to see themselves in the home and they cannot do that if they see your photos everywhere. Your photos in the home leave homeowners with the perception that it is someone else’s home that they are viewing.  In this case, the idea is to allow them to focus on seeing themselves in the home.

Consider replacing personal photos and awards etc. with alternate items such as beautiful artwork and decorative items etc.

Do not forget practical places as well such as the refrigerator and bulletin boards that may have personal information on them such as a calendar that displays personal appointments etc.

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