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Determine If Starting Your Own HSID Business Is Right For You


Turn Your “Eye For Design” Into Your Own HSID Business


Is starting your own Home Staging Interior Designs business for you?

This is definitely an opportunity to turn your “Eye For Design” into your own Home Staging Interior Designs business.

It is important before jumping into this business that you consider everything you need to know that is important to starting your own HSID business.

*Some important questions you should consider:

  • Do you have an entrepreneur mentality?

(With this particular opportunity you will be building your own business so you do have to have the entrepreneur mentality in order to run your own business and the success of a business is determined by the person that runs it and that is you.

Most people would prefer not to have bosses looking over their shoulders but prefer to become their own boss nowadays. In the early stages of getting started in this business, it is a fact that most people have to learn the responsibility in order to succeed in an independent business environment today. So do you have what it takes as an entrepreneur?

  • Can you work from home as an independent rep?

(All of our designers/stagers all work independently in the comfort of their home so you want to make sure that you have a mobile phone and a computer/tablet with internet access in this position. Our home office is our home base but not where you would spend the majority of your time since the goal is to be out in the field meeting with clients etc. Are you disciplined enough to work in this type of environment without getting distracted? This is another very important question to consider when getting into this business.

  • Are you willing to invest the time, skills, and training needed for success?

(Applying a combination of training and knowledge goes hand and hand. You must have access to a library that contains information that will help you apply your marketing and business skills needed to run a successful business.

The lessons applied in this course will teach anyone to develop the training and insight to create an effective home staging business from scratch. Most entrepreneurs get into the home staging business so that they can pursue their passion as well as have a flexible schedule and enjoy a great income. Most entrepreneurs also get into home staging to add additional services to their existing interior decorating or real estate careers and most start right from their home office.) So making sure that you have the commitment and the drive to invest into this particular business is a very important factor to consider as well before getting started in this business. Keep in mind that the training is online and so it is a self paced training so you can go as slow or as fast as you would like and it consists of a combination of audios, webinars, reading materials, and live classes and calls along the way.

  • Overall make sure you really consider these questions before getting involved in this business.

Also, keep in mind, we will provide all of the essential tools and everything you need to jumpstart your business so you do not have to know everything when you get started. Your only initial requirement is to have an eye for design.

*Here is a list of some of the tools we will provide:

  • Your own personalized website

(Keep in mind the benefits of having your own personal website is that it will enable your clients to go onto your website and purchase services up front from you as an option and will also have the ability to allow your clients to book appointments with you directly from your website. So overall we will set your website up where you will be able to make payments and will also be able to showcase your portfolio and details regarding your services as well as your contact information etc. The overall great benefit of the website that we will provide you with is that your clients will have the ability again to purchase your services directly from you as well as book appointments so you basically your website would operate as if you had your own personal assistant. Another benefit is that most of the selling will be done directly on your website because we will make sure that your website has a lot of information to keep your readers engaged and fully educated on the services your provide etc. We also import your own Home Staging Interior Designs Home Store where you get paid commissions from products directly from your website.

  • Marketing packages

(We are going to provide the essential tools you need to jumpstart your business such as your flyers and business card templates, contracts, and business forms etc. that you will need to run your business.

  • Business/marketing training

(We are going to provide ongoing training along the way so we are making sure that we are keeping you informed with the most updated business and marketing training that we have available.)

  • Design/home staging consultation training

(We are also going to provide a training on how to provide effective design/home staging consultations which is important because the consultation is what is going to sell you when you are out in the field and meeting with your clients because it is the first thing that they will have to consider before hiring you as the designer or stager for their project so very important to learn how to provide an effective consultation.

  • Learn how to communicate with your clients effectively

(This is an important technique to apply into your business. A lot of people get into this business and is really excited and more focused on the fun things which are the designing and the staging, but there are important skills to establish first in order to have the opportunity to apply your design skills. So building rapport and trust with your clients are essential skills needed in order to stand out from your competition and to increase your chances of getting hired. Overall learning how to communicate effectively with your clients is one of the most important skills to apply to enable you to do what you love to do.

  • And more….

*You Can Also Become a Part of This Exciting Home Staging Industry

There are not many businesses that you can get involved in that compares to the home staging industry.

There is a high demand in this industry and we are looking for business minded professionals that have an eye for design.

*You have to consider the fact that when it comes to peoples dreams that they pursue, owning homes are people’s biggest dreams. With people's incomes growing more and more, their needs and tastes are changing along the way. In this case, there are more people buying new homes. When people are seeking to buy a new home, this means they want to sell their old home right away and for the highest price possible. In order for the old house to be sold it is important that the features are shown in the most appealing way. This is great news for you to capitalize on these opportunities!

*Sellers are increasingly hiring consultants to help them redesign their homes, creating a fast-growing profession.

*Homeowners have an understanding that prospective buyer’s decision to purchase their home is based off of first impressions. There are so many people that are seeking this high demand to become a consultant in this industry.

*The home staging industry welcomes anyone that has an eye for design and is interested in making a business out of it. It is a great opportunity to enter this industry if you have certifications already; however it is equally a great opportunity if you are just starting out without certification or experience as well. This is an industry that anyone can get involved in with the right attitude and the willingness to learn and commit to success. Having an eye for design is a great qualification that can provide a valuable contribution in this industry.

*The training program helps consultants to understand interior design, redesign, and home staging etc.that’s easy to understand and can be learned at any stage in life. By participating in this lucrative business, there are great payoffs when it comes to creating functional spaces and to get in touch with your artistic side.

Even though there are no barriers into getting into the home staging industry, keep in mind the competition is fierce so there is no room for slacking or procrastination with getting started.

Everyone has the ability with this training course to accomplish great goals in this industry.

*Keep in mind, we are expanding in your area and are looking for individuals that have an eye for design, have great customer service and sales experience, and have an entrepreneur spirit.

*Having an eye for design automatically qualifies you to having the basic qualifications to starting your own Home Staging Interior Design business and we will train you on the rest.

We will teach you everything you need to know to grow your business as an independent representative.

After completion of our training program you will have everything you need to run your business.

*This course is made up of a combination of reading materials, videos, and audios. Your course is available online with a download and there will also be a combination of live courses and conference calls along the way. This course is also self- paced so you can go as slow or as fast as you want.

*Outline of The Course:

• Home Staging Essentials

• Interior Design Essentials

• Sky Rocket Your Business Training

• Social Media

• Redesign Options

• Building Your Design Staging Business

• Effective Tips with Consultations

• Developing Relationships with Realtors etc

• Lead Generation; Marketing Tactics/Strategies

• Managing Your Business

• Effective Communication with Homeowners

• The Skills and Methods of Selling

• Meeting Your Clients

• Starting Your Own Business

• Elements and Principles of Design

• Interior Decorator and more..

*This course is available for just $499 which is one of the most cost effective home staging courses out there. The contracts and marketing materials alone are valued for the $499 which we are including in the training for free. Keep in mind, you can recoup your investment as soon as your first client! We will provide leads that are in high demand in your area as well as teach you how to get unlimited leads in your area as well.

*We are excited about expanding in your area and you joining the team. Remember, we are looking to only hire a few people in your area so we do not want you to miss out on the opportunity! We want to also make sure that you are passionate and if you join our team, we want to make sure you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get out in the field and do what you love to do and to grow your income!

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