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Home Staging Tips For Closets

Getting Your Closet Staged

Tips For Staging Your Closets

When it comes to staging a closet, it is best to first of all unclutter and organize. You want to also try to eliminate as much as you possibly can especially if you still live in the home.

When it comes to the decluttering and organizing process, it is important to put items in different categories. For example:

  • Items To Keep
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Recycle
  • Trash

Some things to consider when decluttering your closet:

  • Is this item out of season?
  • How long has it been since I last wore this? (If over a year, consider throwing it out)
  • Is this something I would wear today?
  • Am I keeping this due to sentimental values?
  • Am I holding on to this because I will feel I would waste my money if I let it go?
  • Is this an item that I have had over a year because I plan to fix it one day?

Once you have eliminated, decluttered, and cleaned your closet, you show now consider doing a few optional things to make your closet stand out. Here are a few factors you should consider:

  • Consider investing in a few decorative closet hangers. They are not as expensive as you think and can be a great way to allow your closet to look more appealing.
  • When living in the home, you are still using the closet so consider getting decorative baskets and boxes to put personal items in to help declutter as well as create a decorative effect in your closet to stand out.
  • If you have a smaller closet, consider adding a full length mirror to reflect light and create a visual effect to distract from the closet being so small.
  • When it comes to applying scents throughout your home, do not forget the closet. Add a scented plug in, fresh scented candles, or spray Febreze for example in the closet preferably linen fresh scent.
  • Make sure there is bright light in the closet. Well-lit closets tend to appear to look bigger and cleaner and show homeowners that there is nothing to hide.

Remember, when it comes to closets in a staged home, buyers are looking everywhere and behind everything so it is best to make sure you leave a great impression.

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