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Staging Your Yard

Cost Effective Simple Basic Tips For Yard Staging

Yard Staging Tips

When you are preparing and staging your home for sale, first impressions are everything. Curb appeal plays a major role with attracting buyers into your home.

When staging your home, it is your job to make the right first impressions to create curb appeal that teases the homeowner to want to come in and view he rest of the home.

Great curb appeal is welcoming to home buyers which allows the buyers to see that the home looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

Here are a few simple and basic tips to create great curb appeal:

  • Mow, trim, and remove leaves, weeds, and debris
  • Plant beds and always with fresh mulch, decorative stones, or pine bark etc.
  • Make sure walkways and porch is clean
  • Have a nice pot of flowers in a welcome mat on porch
  • Make sure the house numbers, door hardware, light fixtures, and shutters etc. are well maintained

These are simple basic cost effective D.I.Y. tips to consider when staging your yard.

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